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The Founder

Santino, BCS Founder

The creation of BCS or as it was known when it initally started as Best Car Shaguar, was setup by its founding father, Santino. My previous tag when I first started playing trackmania in 2006 was BCS[Viper] which was changed as a result of many people having the name Viper. In essence I wanted something that be simonous with who I was going to be known as throughout my whole gaming career. Thus Santino was chosen.

The reason for calling myself Santino was down to my love of The Godfather films, and the acting skills of Santino 'Sonny' Corleone - Good all round bad ass and "family first" mentality character. I liked his acting and his style as soon as he spoke. "Quote from Film." Anyway, enough about why I chose the name Santino.

My first track creation was developed with the help of legendary Trackmaker "DaveDread" He taught me how to make tracks and why maps should do certain things and work in certain ways ETC and it was a good grounding of how to to make em work properly. He has made several superb tracks but my favourite was F in L, this was a mind bending fuckfest of stadium speed and I adored it.

Author Comments from DaveDread

Ok my first stunt track falls into the expert difficulty bracket , its a super speedy rollercoaster ride of loops and twists but with a flow and direction you can predict.

12 inversions 2 wallrides and more than its fair share of boosters will see you to the finish line in under a minute.

5258 coppers will test some systems (it might be time for an upgrade) in game cam changes though i do recomomend sticking with cam 3 and an outro ...ish. I know some will hate it so feel free to comment , if you like it , go for it and give me an award.

Cheers - Dave

As I was saying at the start of my Trackmania career, DaveDread helped me to create some early tracks and if it was not for him then I may not of gone on to do some much bigger tracks like PF Spin Doctor. So thanks Dave for all your support in the early days on nations and TM united.

My first ever track was called Crash Test, a collaboration with DaveDread which was released in October 2006 and was released under my old tag of Viper. It only collected five awards but it gave me a massive insight into what people looked for when racing the maps that everyone was creating, so I started to develop various dynamic ideas based on stunt and road racing.

There were several trackmakers that I raced with in the early days as I was learning the ropes on how to make tracks and then started to do intros, GPS and media tracking on a basic level. It was only when I met Crooms, Smok3y and Crusard ingame that I realised that my trackmaking skills needed to go to another level if I was to get anywhere near as good as these guys. So I started work on my biggest project for that year called: PF Spin Doctor. (a Push Forward) map.



PF Spin Doctor was made after I had created at least 50+ maps in 2006-2008 . The reason for making a PF track is really down to the individual trackmaker, some trackers don't like PF, some do, it is a personal preference and choice to the style of mapping that each person prefers. I liked the whole concept of stunt based racing and could see the whole idea and vision behind it, so it was a logical choice to make PF tracks for stunt and fun and to push it to the limit.

The track originally was to be made for 3 minutes, but after 3, I wanted 5, after 5 I wanted 10 and so forth, it was only after 12 minutes of trackmaking and testing the map that I realised that I needed to get a life and stop before I died of old age and was found with several bottles of vodka, broken keyboards and in a puddle of wee. I do however want to thank two ex members who helped with the creation of this track and if not for them, the track would remain unfinished. Firestarter and Fluffski, thank you.

The author and friends of the old TMU Blog also had some kind words to say about the PF Spin Doctor track and it is always nice to reminisce and read the words about the track. These can be found here. TMU BLOG

After finishing the PF track I took a break for several months and just enjoyed racing and doing other things in life as the map had taken up nearly 6 months of my life and that was a bit... um, sad! The BCS Website Portal is for Worldwide Friends United in Gaming. Want to join us? Click the membership tab above. The team also come from all over the world with most of our community over the age of 16 or with a mature outlook.

I was also involved with Crusard in a small way with voice overs for his Top Trump II track which was emmense fun and in return he made a track for BCS based on Austin Powers which to this day is also fantastic fun to drive and race. (I'm so happy that I paid for a copy of TMU to be posted to Crusard's house as he didn't have one, otherwise the track may never of been made.) He is a fantastic storyboard trackmaker and a great person, well worth the postage.

If you would like to watch the Intro then please click here: Final version of the HD intro render for Trump Card II, available on TMX for download. This is the introduction of my last track, for the game Trackmania United Forever. If you played this game you'll know it's a *racing* game, and it's not very usual to see this kind of machinima! Cristian Beltramo AKA (Crusard) Click for Ending sequence -



Santino and the team have now moved to Mania Planet for Trackmania 2 and a new dawn of racing awaits....... Join us soon.